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Monday, April 13, 2009


Damn tiny country, if I hit my head one more time I'm going to start wearing a helmet.

looking for advil,

It's my birthday! I'm 27 years, 364 days, and some odd hours.

First, I must say, Osaka is a blast. Imagine Blade Runner, mixed with... deep ellum? mixed with... well I guess we should throw Japan in there.
This picture says it all:

We were lucky to stay right near the entertainment area of town, which made for some short walks.

So if a genie appeared to me, and he said you could have one birthday wish, and he said it couldn't be impossible weatlh, power, or a personal harem... I think my wish would have to be to go to the ninja musuem.

The demonstrations were pretty sweet, and I managed to capture some mid-air shyruken attacks, but by far the coolest was the Ninja house tour. They had a rebuilt ninja house that included all the trap doors, passages, and other ninja-architecture you read about in books. (ok, that I read about in books... maybe you should try reading some ninja books)
Ueno Castle!

Small kids to teenagers were decked out in a rainbow of ninja suits.

Once we got back to town we hit up a little corner place for soba. They use machines here for so much, including the subway and sometimes even ordering food. We chose our food on the machine, and then it gave us a number and a guy brought out our food. Pretty damn sweet.

Speaking of which, I haven't received the wrong order once in my entire time here! And I don't speak the language! It is shocking how dumb some Americans are.

After dinner, we hit up Murphy's Irish Pub. To begin with, it brings me great joy that I can find an Irish pub everywhere I go. We hit one up in both Osaka and Kyoto. There are so many in Tokyo I don't know how to choose where to go! This pub rocked and was probably the Irishest pub I've been to so far. For those familiar with Dallas, this was of the Dubliner variety except in the sky! It was my first pub to visit on the 6th floor of a building. Upon our arrival they had a Japanese band playing early American rock standards. Later in the evening (oh, they stayed open until 4) we talked with the bartenders (all Irish) and drank the night away. Good craic.


Sunday, April 12, 2009



so crowded
people march like ants
I too,
stare at white people

A new adventure

Ok, so maybe the recounting of the cross southwest america/Tahoe road trip will come later, maybe it won't. No more promises. Photography has become another very time consuming interest and has been winning the battle for my affection lately over writing. This must be how parents feel when they have one smart kid and one pretty kid.

For now though, I am on a new adventure to the far east! I'll retroactively recount the first half, and then push forward from there.

Japan blog here I come!